Dance For Sugar

A running commentary on a college life o f drama, lack of sleep and spontaneously combusting computers

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ugh I've finally recovered from my sleepover but I'm still tired, It's been a frustrating week.

Firstly, I've had a mountain range of work,(yes a range as there is so much!) from univeersity applications to english work on web page analysis. It's all very frustrating as it takes so much time...But on the good side I have finally sent off my uni application so I'm now on the egde of my seat waiting for replies.

The halloween party was great fun we had lots to eat and lots of excercise walking up and down the shops and the such. That night i think 7 of us slept over and we got all of us in one room. Two were in the bed and six of us had the floor. My back hurt like hell that morning I was in paaiiiinnnnnnnn plus I just slept in my fancy dress jacket. Also apparently I talked in my sleep and sounded really pissed off, I think it was because i was dreaming I was taking the cubs out and then ihad to take a baby buggy driving test and they lost all my details. Anyhoo Twas great fun and many funny pictures to remember it by.

Thats all for now I suppoe i should get on with the murderous looking mountain.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

My head hurts...

Woooo first post!

*ehm* Lack of sleep does strange things to me. I've just hosted a massive Anime marathon we started at 12pm and ended at 6:45am. I had to keep waking up after that to look after my cat who acted supremely cute the whole night. I'm bored it's like 2pm and my friend is still asleep and I have nothing to do IT'S NOT FAIR...stupid heavy sleeper! bleugh my head hurts from too much dip, doritos, bagels and chocloate orange. NOT a good mix i must add as well. *Sigh* my Dvd burner has randomly killed itself, and i hope it wasn't too messy and i don't want my PC to die.

Halloween is coming tis fantastic! My outfit is almost ready I have to put the effort into finishing the hat and I'm almost finished my empowerment tool of doom mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it's now mildly more twisted! :D

I should go see if my lazy friend is up yet or draw on her face. Stupid woman.

Oodels toodles